About Untapped

In 2016, we were established as a tri - county promotional platform formerly known as Untapped Miami. We started with interviewing talent, entrepreneurs, and business owners. The more interviews we did, the more additional request were asked of us. With the talent, the C.E.O possesses she decided to broaden the field for the company. This notion resulted in creating visuals, event media coverage, social media management, and website designs. With the company name being so narrow even with the tagline "South Florida's Promotional Platform", the C.E.O. had bigger plans. The company took a small hiatus to revamp and rebuild the brand to present the world with digital greatness. An ultimately Untapped Media Group was born.

Founder & C.E.O
Moonie Holmes
Joann "Moonie" Holmes-Stover

"I wanted my company (Untapped Media Group) to provide content creation assistance to the grinding and dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to fulfill their dreams."