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DJ Shelly Rockstar

Words from Shelly Rockstar

I started Shelly Rockstar LLC to create events and experiences that I would want to attend. Events that were rooted in music, beauty and fashion, but in a way that was welcoming and not pretentious. Events that highlighted what I represented, A powerful woman, a black woman a proud woman. Events that were not typical but different just like the girl on the 1’s and 2’s. Events that would encourage other women and girls to do things outside of the box. I’ve been able to do just that. I am the official DJ for ICESquad Entertainment. A hip hop band that refrains from profanity and sexually suggestive lyrics. I operate a podcast The Ladies First Mix show that promotes independent female artists of all genres. I created The Black Girl Beach Party, a huge south Florida Beach Party celebrating and appreciating all that is the Black Woman. (From an exert in Voyage MIA Magazine)

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